TanzaniaOSH Summits


A Gathering of
OSH in Tanzania.

TanzaniaOSH Summit is a gathering for everyone interested in Open Science and Hardware as a means to achieve locally adapted, culturally relevant, technologically and economically feasible production in Tanzania and Africa at large; as an alternative to traditional Intellectual Property (IP) and closed knowledge systems; and to understand its potential for development and collaboration across the Country/Continent, especially by reducing barriers to entry in education, research and manufacturing. Participants will include but are not limited to makers, hackers, practitioners and researchers in science, technology, engineering, government officials, private sector players and civil society across the African continent, the global South, and the World at large.

  • First TanzaniaOSH Summit: 12th-13th October, 2022
    Location: Buni Hub, Dar es Salaam.

12th-13th October
Buni Hub, Dar es Salaam

The very 1st Summit of this gathering is happening this year, in Dar es Salaam at Buni Hub on October 12th - 13th, 2022 from 9.00 AM to 5.00PM. The summit theme is: How to bring open-source hardware production to the next level; Lessons from all around Africa.
The Summit format: Panel Discussions, Presentations, Hand-On Workshops and Q&As.

1. Limited number of participants is available due to resources.
2. There will not be any kind of travel and lodging sponsorship to attend the summit, however, we welcome participants from all over the country, continent and the globe as a whole. Hence, for those needing this kind of assistance, we advise you to look for sponsorship from another sources. We are happy to provide letters of support for facilitating this process as well as assistance in hotels booking.
3. Breakfast and Lunch will be provided during the Summit.
4. The applications closes on 5th October 2022 at 12.00AM.